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Help Santa Toy Parade - Volunteer Registration Form

Registration process for for parade entrants

Help Santa Toy Parade Rules and Regulations


The following rules and regulations are provided for parade entrants. The rules are included to ensure that the integrity of the Parade is uniform and consistent for all entrants. For the purposes of these rules and regulations a parade entrant is considered to be an organization, group or team who either marches, performs or rides a decorated float, tow vehicle or other vehicle in the parade, and has proof of payment for the required entry fee and/or a designated entrant number. The safety and security of all entrants to the Help Santa Toy Parade is of paramount importance. The organizers of the Help Santa Toy Parade reserve the right to disallow entrants who are at variance with the following rules and regulations. By completing and signing the Parade application form the undersigned is acknowledging that they have read and understand the rules and regulations and agree to abide by them. Parade entrants further acknowledge that the Ottawa Professional Firefighters Association cannot and will not be held responsible for any last minute cancellations due to the following:

  • Parade Entrants who are in non-compliance with the rules and regulations
  • Parade Entrants who arrive in vehicles that are deemed unsafe or dangerous to other parade participants and entrants
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Any other event or happening be it natural or human that is beyond the reasonable control of the Ottawa Professional Fire Fighters Association.
  • Further the Help Santa Toy Parade and the Ottawa Professional Firefighters Association will not be held responsible for any entrant who does not comply with the road safety requirements of the Ontario Traffic Act or any other legislation pertaining to the safe operation or a motorized vehicle. The safety of all entrants to the Parade is the responsibility of the entrants and is not the sole responsibility of the Help Santa Toy Committee or the Ottawa Professional Firefighters Association.

Rules for Parade Entrants

  • For the purposes of these rules and regulations an entrant is considered to be an individual float, a decorated tow vehicle pulling a decorated trailer, a band, an organization of marchers or display representing a single organization. For organizations who wish to place more than one entrant a reduced fee for each additional vehicle/band/group/marchers or activity will be charged. (Entrants can apply for an exemption to the help Santa Toy Parade on a case by case basis)
  • All entrants must present their float/entrant number upon entering the parade marshalling area. If we have not received payment for your entry and you cannnot provide proof of payment, you will not be allowed access to the marshalling area.
  • Entrants that consist of Bands or Marchers are not permitted to have support vehicles in the parade. There will be areas along the parade route where these vehicles can park.
  • OFS personnel will be travelling the parade route should the need occur to transport an individual band member/entrant to an area of comfort should the need arise.
  • All vehicles and float entrants will be required to provide for the security around their entrant while the vehicle/float is in the parade. This is necessary to ensure the safety of bystanders, particularly as the vehicle negotiates turns near the crowd.
  • Height of the float or entry should not exceed 13 feet
  • All vehicles, tow vehicles, floats or mechanical entries must be decorated.
  • The wheels of all vehicles must be properly covered with a decorative covering, skirt or other material.
  • All vehicles entering the marshalling area must be clean of dirt and debris. Vehicles with rust showing, or other visible damage will not be allowed in the parade
  • All entrants and floats must have a Christmas or winter theme and be decorated in such a manner as to reflect the nature of the parade
  • For every entrant there can be only one float/ tow vehicle or entry any additional vehicles will either require additional payment or will not be permitted in the parade; based on the size of the entrant’s organization exceptions can be made according to circumstance. A request for exception must be made on the registration form.
  • Entrants who intend on using music, noise makers, or other forms of acoustics are required to indicate these on the registration form. This will allow for the proper placement of each entrant so that they do not interfere with each other.
  • Soliciting, advertising, distribution of products, not expressly authorized by the HSTP committee, is prohibited. Offenders will be removed from the parade route and their entry fee will not be refunded.
  • Fire Personnel are the only people authorized to collect money and toys along the parade route.
  • Entrants are not to hand out candy or throw items from floats or any other vehicles
  • No person under the age of 16 is allowed to participate in the parade unless directly supervised by an adult (a responsible person 18 years of age or older)
  • No animals are allowed in the parade or as part of the parade; this includes but is not limited to dogs and cats. This rule is included for safety reasons.

Registration Rules

  • All entrants must complete the online entry for OR submit a fully completed and signed registration form with the entrance fee on or before the Deadline. Registration received later than this date will not be processed. This is necessary as it takes time to properly marshal the parade.
  • The parade committee will review the registration and upon approval assign a registration number. Only vehicles with entrance number placards will be allowed to participate in the parade. All extra service vehicles, vans, cars etc. are to leave the marshalling area 15 minutes prior to the parade start.
  • A full description of the float, vehicle and or entrant must be filled in on the registration form. In order to ensure your entrant receives the full benefit of the parade atmosphere please outline any music or noise that the vehicle or entrant may make on the registration form. This will allow parade marshals to properly place your entrant.
  • The approximate number of people involved with the entrant must be provided, this will allow the parade organizers to plan for pre- and post parade events


All parade Marshals will be wearing fluorescent Vests and will have updated lists of all the parade participants. They will be able to quickly direct you as to where you should go.

On behalf of the Help Santa Toy Parade committee and the Ottawa Professional Firefighters Association I would like to thank you for assisting us in a wonderful cause for our community. I look forward to seeing you on Parade day.

Kindest Regards,

Help Santa Toy Parade Chair


Please complete the form below or complete and fax the PDF version (Fax: 613-526-1206) to register your entry. You will receive a confirmation email and if applicable, an invoice for your entry.


If paying by cheque, please make cheque payable to the Help Santa Toy Parade.

Float or decorated vehicle